Opening and closing times:

Manchester 21:00 06:30
Wigan 21:00 – 06:30
Derby 21:00 – 05.30

Dress code:

Short dresses or lingerie with heels – no knee high boots


18 and above


Not essential as full training will be provided

What do I need to bring to my audition?

A form of in date photographic ID and if necessary a works permit
You will also be required to confirm your national insurance number
*Please note, you will not be allowed to work without the above*

What will the audition entail?

An initial chat with the manager, tour of the venue, full explanation of the companies rules and regulations – including prices, opening times, performance’s and how to book in for shifts. If both parties are happy you will be invited to work that evening to see how you get on.

What are the busiest nights?

Each night differs from week to week. You have the potential to make just as much money in the week as you do on a weekend.

When do I get paid?

At the end of each shift

What commission will the club take from my earnings?

A minimum of 30%

Is there parking available?

Numerous car parks close to each venue with some off street parking also available.
Best postcodes to use in sat nav for each venue:
Manchester – M1 6JB
Derby – DE1 1BJ
Wigan – WN1 1DG

How many shifts do I need to work?

We ask for a minimum of 2 shifts a week

Will I be starting on the night of my audition?

Bring along your outfits and required ID’s with the intention of working. However if you would prefer to come in for an initial chat with a later start date, please detail this on your on line application

Does the club pay for my transport home?

No. You will be responsible for making your own way home. If you are getting home by means of public transport or taxi please make sure you bring enough to cover your fare.

Do I need to pay anything on my first night?

All dancers new to the venue will receive a weeks’ worth of free passes which means you will not be required to pay anything up front.

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